Saturday, March 23, 2013


places to be seen: the 1970's: STUDIO 54

I don't think anyone really knows what happened inside the world's most famous nightclub.. besides those who were actually there.. and who remember... which i doubt it many ppl.  Studio 54 is probably the most famous New York City club with a celebrity guest list that rivaled the Oscars and the Grammys. At least the guest list was much cooler than any event. 

plus all the best celebrities were like in one place: see Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler with Steve Rubell's head up thier asses to the left. I bet theis is where MJ got his taste for harder drugs which later drove him to hold a baby over a balcony.. i mean, he still looks black here. 

It opened in 1977 and raked in $7 million the first year which was a lot of money back then... I think, i'm pretty sure.. a giant club w a bunch of famous coke heads are prob gonna shell out some serious cash. Co-owner Steve Rubell.. and (later total owne) put it pretty well, "only the Mafia made more money." So yes, 7 mill was a lot of money. I wonder how much the Mafia was making. hahaha. 

Behind-the-scenes photos show wild parties and intimate celebrity moments from all the A-listers who flocked there. I don't know how they allowed ppl to take all these pictures but i guess it was a different time.. anyway, the pix speak for themselves. AND are pretty much a who's who of the 1970's. 


 When the place closed in 1980 Jack Nickelson, Richard Gere, Sylvester stalone and one of my FAVE models.. GIA all went to the going away party where Diana Ross was the entertainment.

Okay: to discuss: picture to the right. This is like getting down seriously 70's style. HAHAHAHAH it was prob literally where that shitty song "moves like Jagger" game from.. it is bianca jagger getting her dance on w/ unknown tall black man. SEXY. 

So during the time Studio 54 was open Bianca and Mick divorced and it was a huge deal.... his next wife, was a fixture in NYC night life... 

When Mick showed up w/ his new wife Jeri Hall (right) I think Bianca was doing okay. I mean only one person in all of history can ride up to the opening of THE club 
(which famously had a spoon feeding a bump to the moon's nose) on a fucking white horse.  

NOTE: (see dolly parton below with sad horse.. who looks like he needs to clean up his make up from last night.. poor guy) It must be hard being one of the most famous horses in all of history/photography/nightlife history. 

Then there is Liza Mineli, Andy, MJ, Ara Gallant, Diane von Furstenberg, Cher, Keith Richards, James Brown and John Belushi, Truman Capote, etc. good god. and that doesn't even like touch the ppl that were there. 

I think we all know the end of this story so I won;t go into the real history.. watch studio 54 and drool over Ryan Philippe's body. 


PS. below is one of my fave pix. It is of designer, Halston, shoving cake down Elizabeth's Taylor's throat for her her bday. She looks like a serious fatty. AHAHAHAHA

And below is the last classic i'll leave you w/: Kate Harrington is just talking to the most awesome looking old lady ever (Gloria Swanson) over Truman Capote  who is legit asleep. HAHAHAHAHAH. god, what was the music? apparently he was on somehting, super tired or could sleep through anything.. maybe all three. prob all three. Or maybe they were just boring him to pieces.